Shoot em Zombies

Shoot em Zombies 1.0

Shoot em Zombies is a platform game to eliminate zombies

If you are searching for a fun and somewhat addictive game, Shoot em Zombies is definitely the game of choice. Shoot em Zombies is a platform arcade game where you sit at the wheel of a modified car with one aim in mind, you need to eliminate zombies.

The car boasts a modified bumper to roll every zombie or object that gets in your way. It also has a machine gun that is totally automated and is activated when a zombie enters the action range of the weapon. It possesses a rotation mechanism that permits a sufficient turn to shoot the zombies as you fly through the air, running over them. Although some can be left behind when this maneuver is executed; the game incorporates a key that will allow you to change direction (Space bar).

The game play is very simple. You only need to kill a few zombies as you drive through their world. This sounds simple, however that is not the only thing to do as the game incorporates a good physics engine which makes things a lot more complicated; when you jump off a cliff into the air at full speed, the car tends to flip all over the place which is why you should balance the vehicle using the direction keys of left and right.

If the vehicle turns over, it will explode and you will die with it. Although if you are able to do a complete 360 degree turn when you fly through the air, you will receive points for your maneuver.

The scoring system of the game is very clear; you will only receive points for killing zombies and eliminating objects such as telephone lines, headstones, coffins, and barrels. The number of objects and the number of zombies in each level is counted and if you eliminate them all you will obtain a perfect score.

The game is nice and a bit addictive. But it can get somewhat repetitive and easily lose all of its entertaining features. It is ideal to play for just a short time.

Abigail Diaz
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  • Entertaining
  • Addictive


  • Gets boring and repetitive
  • Sometimes it can get slow
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